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I am so happy that you have found my site and that I can introduce myself. I am passionate about helping expats thrive in living abroad and I would love to join you as you navigate the ups and downs of life overseas. 


I am a Canadian expat living in Amman, Jordan. I would love to connect, so please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to book a free consultation, please email me at


When you received that job offer, you had visions of a life that would be endlessly interesting, adventuresome, and impacting all at the same time; however, you now find yourself feeling alone, stuck, overwhelmed, or bored. Not only is your field of work not what you had anticipated, aspects of the culture that you once loved, such as the language, food, music, and quirks, are now the tipping point to completely losing it.


You always thought that you were the flexible, go-get-’er type of person; the type that can adapt to any situation and thrive. However, you now find yourself full of anxiety and dread towards the very things that pulled your soul overseas in the first place. Sometimes you lay in bed and wonder to yourself, “Who have I become?”, as you cannot recognise the once vibrant and motivated individual that you used to be. 


You had good intentions of supporting your spouse in his or her career path that led your family overseas; however, not only do the stresses of taking care of the household while your spouse travels for work leave you exhausted and lonely, but grief and resentment has set in as you realise that you are also giving up your own career for this arrangement.

You are transitioning home; however, you have spent a substantial enough time overseas that you have changed a lot, potentially in ways that your friends and family back home will not understand or relate to when you return. Your life is a confusing mixture of who you were before and who you have become, as your experiences overseas have greatly influenced your personality and perspective on life. Maybe you no longer relate to the way that you were raised, you have a wider worldview than before, or you have made big life-changes that those back home don’t know about.


You live overseas because you are married to someone of your host culture. As a foreigner in a new country and a new family, life is challenging in unexpected ways. What used to be small inconveniences have now piled up and you feel that you feel unable to handle all of the pressure at once.  

Do you relate?

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